Dogs on Holiday

Raintree offer the most dog-friendly houses at the most dog-friendly beaches!

We provide great holidays for dogs and their owners. And make no extra charges.

Against each house, you can clearly see which accept dogs – and most do.

Lexy and Chilli at Booby's

Not only are most of our houses dog-friendly, five out of six of our main beaches welcome dogs all year round. As you can see, Lexie and Chilli are very happy at Constantine!

This is very unusual – as most of Cornwall only allow dogs on the odd beach, with most being dog-free beaches from Easter to September.

But don’t worry if you are concerned about there being too many dogs. The beaches are not littered and affected by dogs – owners are typically very considerate and rarely have we encountered issues with dogs on the beach or nearby.

You can see a map of Cornwall with dog friendly beaches marked by clicking here.

The No Dog map probably shows better how the Padstow/Trevone area is really a haven for dogs – with a large gap for North Cornwall.

Trevone is our only beach that has a dog ban in the summer – but Trevone’s second rocky beach, Newtrain, allows dogs and the coastpath is easily accessible too. So our guests find that even Trevone is fine for dogs.

For each house, we detail whether dogs are welcome. When you book, we will ask you the breed and age of your dog or dogs. Some houses would prefer only one dog, others are happy with more than one, but often the age and breed may affect whether we are prepared to accept more than one dog.

Most importantly we make no extra charges for dogs!

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