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All quiet now

Haven’t written a post for a while – things have been a little hectic.

But we are now through our 2011 preparation – with more weeks than ever booked to return guests, and more interest from new guests who want to secure their week at a great house in North Cornwall.

It’s October half-term and we’re pretty full up. We do have 2 or 3 houses that can be let for the main part of the week – so if you are still considering some time away with the kids, drop us an email.

We are hoping to take on some new houses for next year. Constantine Bay Cottage at Ocean Blue should be available to book very soon. Its a lovely – ‘bijoux’ shall we say – 2 bed cottage right by the beach at Treyarnon. Very comfortable and furnished with good taste alongside the high build quality and finish. And its right next door to Neptune. So if you fancy sleeping 10, but allow yourself and your family a little independence, this could be a real possibility. I’m sure that baby monitors will work through the wall – but as yet untested!

There are some summer weeks available still – so do take a look if you fancy getting your regular spot with us. For weekends over the next few months, drop us an email. Let us know how many are in your party, and we will see if we can offer you something at just the right price!

And in case there is any doubt, the ‘stressed’ picture on my last blog was not really Rosemary – just a good likeness!! No, not really. And no need to be put off or nervous about calling – its all very calm now.

In fact, its Rosemary’s birthday today – happy birthday Rosemary!

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