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Can you get the info you need?

We have just done a few small changes around the website.

The Search hopefully works better – allowing you to see the days each house is available in the Search list presented to you (before having to click through to the house in question). I have also just added a list of Easter houses that are still unreserved (just the Easter weekend mind). This will be updated every few days.

We get plenty of compliments but also its good to hear feedback where something is just too frustrating! This morning an enquirer said there was nowhere to see all the prices together, to allow her to get a shortlist based on the all important price. I’m not surprised this was frustrating!

We do have a list of the 5 main Price Bands for each house – but its probably a bit too well hidden! You can find it here, linked from the left hand side of the Booking Enquiry page as a pdf download. Below you can see what dates the Price Bands apply to. These prices are guides – and can be different for 1 or 2 weeks of the year, so always check the House page itself.

Anyway, if there are other areas that are frustrating for you – please let us know. We want to keep improving the website and make it easy, quick and informative to use. Let us know how you find it!

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