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Staff Barbecue 2016


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On Tuesday this week in the blazing sunshine we had the first staff barbecue of 2016.

We set up halfway down the beach at Harlyn and even managed to get the picnic table down the footpath and onto the beach. We were joined by some of our new summer staff Jacub, Michaela and Veronica from the Czech Republic who got a nice early introduction to the Cornish lifestyle. We also welcomed back Kyle and Chrissie who have been with us before in previous summers and have come back (obviously couldn’t keep away).

The heat meant the sea was particularly inviting – Michaela managed a brave swim with no wet suit while others who were less adventurous had a fun wet suited surf. The barbecue food also came out well, with quality sausages and lamb burgers from Padstow Farm Shop and a tasty Cuttle fish from Steins Fisheries in Padstow.

Already looking forward to the next one, roll on summer.

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