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Jet Stream heading North…

We are very encouraged to hear exciting news of the Jet Stream on the move! The very reliable Express newspaper leads the coverage!

Its been blamed for the less than perfect start to the summer, and there seems excitement in the press over the last 24 hours with the breaking news that it may be moving to a more normal location above the UK.

If you are feeling a bit ‘techy’, you can view the BBC’s explanation of the Jet Stream, and how things should be changing from this weekend. Obsessed, well…only a bit.

The forecasts are now showing warmer and sunny weather from this weekend…

Of course we can’t guarantee, but if anyone has just been waiting, it may be a good moment to jump in!

We do have a week from today 17th July at Flintstones, as well as a week at newly refurbished Penamont from Thursday 19th July. Both are reduced. Come and have a summer week in North Cornwall!

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