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Lovely days of summer before the rush..

We’ve been enjoying some lovely weather recently – and it’s that rather special time, when the warmth has come, but things are still a little quiet. Here are some photos from Constantine on Thursday.

Things are getting busy for Raintree. All our summer staff are on board, with all the usual fun and games as we get used to each other! But everyone seems to be working well and we have another year where we have a good, friendly, hard-working and dedicated housekeeping team. We have a new car – a glossy, deep blue, Jeep Grand Cherokee – that has joined us, or retired to the seaside as we like to think of things. Or not so much retire – maybe downshift, to a slower steadier life below 30mph! We are also about to test our new ‘carrier’ platform that we may use on the towbars of some of our cars. Why? To carry more of your fresh linen from house to house!! The girls are sceptical.

Our new Voice Over IP telephone system seems to be working well over our new fibre superfast broadband. Many photographs to take over the next month or 2, as we refresh much of the website…

There looks to be warmth forecast for next week – and maybe some more sultry, humid conditions that we’ve had earlier this week. Quite nice really! Some of our houses have free weeks at the beginning of July – if you can make a quick sprint for the sea, let us know. Have a look using the Search from the homepage. We should be able to offer plenty of reductions now, dependent on group size.


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