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Apartment 5 Greenwaves Stayed: 9th Jun 2023

We had a great week and certainly enjoyed better weather than back home. All was fine as usual in the apartment – it was especially pleasing NOT to have the company of the ants this year!! We found the “new” recycling arrangements more than a little confusing but got there in the end with the “help” from an owner/resident in occupation. Cornwall doesn’t make it easy!!!!!!!!!! How does the council collectors know what recycling comes from which apartment and whether the occupant was the owner or a renter that week? Makes no sense.

Like I said we got there in the end with a bit of help.

Our only suggestion to apartment itself would be some wall or door hooks for outdoor jackets and perhaps on the bedroom/ bathroom doors for dressing gowns rather than hanging them on the floor. Last year I think we mentioned a squeegee would be useful in the showers – we brought one this year and left it behind (deliberately).

Pease convey our appreciation to the owners.

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