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Sailaway Stayed: 4th May 2024

After chatting with my sons & daughter in laws, as much as we’d love to rebook for next year after such a truly wonderful time last week, we feel we have too many uncertainties for next year which will prevent us from committing so we will have to take our chances.
If 2025 isn’t possible we’d love to try again in 2026. As it would be our third time at Sailaway would we be able to take advantage of the early rebooking in 2025 for that year please?

As I explained to Rosemary, Constantine is very special to us and has known 4 generations of my family. I myself was introduced to it at the age of 7 and there haven’t been many years that I’ve missed! We absolutely love Sailaway too – it ticks all the boxes for us & John & Jean are such lovely hosts.

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