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Treyarnon Youth Hostel – best budget beach stay!

The Guardian’s travel section on Saturday had its back page feature as being the best budget beach breaks – and in prime spot with a large picture across Treyarnon to Treyarnon Point and Trevose Head was the youth hostel.

Treyarnon Youth hostel is great these days for a coffee or beer, a cooked breakfast or light meal. But we still think you are better off at one of Raintree’s great houses at Treyarnon!

You can read the short recommendation below – unfortunately without the rather nice photo across Treyarnon!

Guardian article

And many of you may have spotted Booby’s Bay featured in the Sunday Times 30 Dec. Focusing on Andrew Nixon’s reincarnation of Little Polgarron, Susan D’Arcy certainly expresses just how great the location really is. Some of us of course still hanker after the original Little Polgarron and a sunny afternoon on the roof terrace! Still I suppose the rebuild does have some things in its favour….

You can view the article here, although you’ll need a subscription to read it all or view all the photos.

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