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Covid – Special Guest Information

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Raintree House Holidays COVID Changes

The information below relates to your upcoming stay with us and includes any remaining changes that we have made in light of COVID-19. There is more detail on each of these points on the separate attachment but do email us if you have queries that are not covered and we will do our best to explain.

We will be in contact with you, the lead guest, on 2 separate occasions throughout your holiday. At each of these times, we will be asking you to consider the health of all members of your party in relation to COVID symptoms and to let us know if there are any potential cases that we should be aware of. We will contact you as follows:

– By email the day before your arrival
– By email and text the day before you leave

Please make sure that we have the lead guest’s most up-to-date contact details as soon as possible.

– If anyone does experience COVID-19 symptoms, please inform Raintree as soon as possible. If you have any doubts, you can visit to check and report your symptoms. Although you are no longer required to return home, you should consider if it would be safer for you and your party to do so. Please do let us know in any case so that we can keep our teams safe.

– We suggest that you bring a thermometer, some lateral flow tests, extra cleaning products and masks/PPE for your stay.

– Please strip all bed linen except mattress / pillow protectors on departure and pack linen, bath/hand towels, and bath mats into the bags provided (oven gloves and tea towels can be left on the table). If you have booked an Option 2 clean, you are still able to leave all of the cleaning to us, but we still ask that you strip and bag the linen as above before departure. Please close all doors to rooms that will not be used.

– We will no longer be carrying out our usual mid-stay cleans for longer bookings. If you have a booking for 14 days or longer and would like a fresh set of linen halfway through your booking then you need to ring or email the office the day before you want it delivered and we will arrange for it to be dropped off for you. We will only leave the fresh set of linen if the dirty linen is stripped, bagged up and left by the front door by 10am on the day of the delivery.

– Please keep the property clean, wipe down surfaces often and try to keep the windows open when you are in the property.

– If you have any issues with the property during your stay, please call the office or the caretaker if possible. We will try to avoid maintenance visits while you are at the house – limiting visits to essential work only.

– All of us, Raintree and guests included, need to act responsibly and consider our actions, especially at the moment. It is everyone’s duty to protect our communities and the local area. Many local businesses are struggling with staffing, so please be aware that this may mean limited availability and reduced services. Although Government guidelines have now been lifted, we would suggest that you consider continuing to socially distance, wash your hands frequently and wear masks in enclosed public spaces. If we can all take some responsibility for our actions in this way, we can hopefully continue to manage the situation and keep our families and communities safe.

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