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What’s Included

We try our hardest to provide a full service for our guests, so make sure if you are comparing with other companies that you are comparing like for like.

Below is a list of what is included:

  • Beds will be made up ready for your arrival. A bath will be folded on the bed. Raintree provide the linen for most of the houses they let – and an increasing number now have crisp, white 200 threadcount cotton sheets and high quality white fluffy towels.
  • From summer 2019 onwards, we are trying a new system on hand towels – where 2 hand towels will be provided in each bath or shower room, instead of one per person on each bed. We are making this change as we have noticed over the last 2-3 years that most hand towels are not used at all by guests, but do, regardless, need laundering having been disturbed. We don’t feel this is a sustainable situation, and is not environmentally right. Its also a waste of money and resources. We feel 2 per bathroom should be perfect for most groups. If you would prefer one per person, just let us know and we will provide them for your stay.
  • Your house will be spotlessly clean.
  • When you leave, a Standard Clean is included meaning you only have to do the minimum. For those who wish to just walk out, just leaving the house in a reasonable living state – a Tenant Clean is an extra option – see below for more detail.
  • Bathrooms are equipped for your arrival – with luxury soap and shower gel as well as locally produced St Kitts bubble bath.
  • Cleaning products and loo paper (enough to get you started) are provided in all bath and cloakrooms. Most of our cleaning products are provided by Ecover and Delphis Eco.
  • Under the kitchen sink, you will find enough washing up liquid, washing powder, dishwasher tabs and bin bags for your first few days. There will be kitchen roll for your use.
  • If dogs are allowed at the property you are renting, there will be no extra charge. On occasion, where there is more than 1 dog, or the property does not normally allow dogs, we may ask for an extra security deposit amount.
  • And finally, you may be lucky enough to have a home made cake and tea and milk for your arrival!

No cramming sheets into the car. Or being unable to put the dishwasher on. We hope that this makes a difference to our guests.


Cleaning is included within your property rental. The type of cleaning service you require must be agreed before your arrival at the time of payment of the balance.

Your choices are as follows:

Option 1 – Inclusive Standard Changeover Clean

Guest’s responsibility

  • Leave house similar to how you found it
  • Strip beds
  • Pass a hoover around to ensure floors are largely clean
  • Do washing up (dishwasher can be left full, but clean)
  • Ensure fridge, cooker and bathrooms are wiped over
  • Put furniture back where found and empty bins around the house to the green bins outside

For a Standard Changeover Clean, there is NO extra charge (inclusive within your holiday price)


Option 2 – Additional Tenant Clean

Guest’s responsibility

  • Nothing more than general cleanliness, putting furniture back where found and emptying bins around the house to the green bins outside

Each house has its own tenant clean price dependent on size, you can put down your preference on the booking form or get in touch at any time before your stay to add this option to a booking.


Useful Info

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