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What makes Raintree a little different

Raintree only let houses in the 6 beaches around Trevose Head and Padstow (other than 1 or 2 Cotswold houses!!) – all within walking of one or more great beaches.

We do the housekeeping for all but 2 of our houses – allowing us to ensure your house is ready and prepared for your arrival. We don’t rely on single housekeepers or the owners themselves; instead our experienced team ensure the standards at each house and each week.

We provide cotton linen to over half of our houses, and do the laundry for virtually all of them.

We are available to talk and to get to know every one of our guests – we know the area, our owners and our guests very well.

All of this is very different to most agencies you may consider. We hope you will be able to tell the difference.

Happy hols!

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