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About Us

At Raintree House Holidays, we let our owners’ wonderful self catering holiday homes out to guests, many of whom we have known for years. We like to get to know our guests and try to make sure their holidays are memorable and rather special. We look after most of our houses ourselves, providing housekeeping, linen, and maintenance – very rare today. We hope it makes a difference.

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Our houses are all very different – some immaculately turned out with granite worktops, wonderful artwork and designer finishes, while others are traditional beach houses with many years of character and style. However, all echo with years of laughter and fun holiday times, and all are managed to ensure they are comfortable and provide exactly what is expected. And all are located within walking distance to some of Britain and Cornwall’s finest beaches around Trevose and Padstow.

Our aim is to stay around these 6 beaches, only adding houses that we think our guests will like – ones that fit our style, or complement the houses we already have.  We know this area very well and hope to pass on this knowledge and enthusiasm to our ‘club’ of guests. We hope Raintree feels like a family – that once you’ve found us, you will stay in contact for many years.

And of course, what we offer owners is key to Raintree. We aim to provide what so many owners of special houses want: a varying degree of management for their wonderful family homes – offering a full-time, all-year-round housekeeping team, access to trustworthy local tradesmen, while filling their houses with guests who come year after year to this very special area. Owners can leave all aspect of running their property to Raintree, and many do.


Raintree has been running since around 1985. Around, because when Gill Watts setup Raintree she only intended to let a couple of houses for friends. So the exact start date is unsure. Gill remained in control of Raintree for nearly 25 years providing assistance for both owners and guests.

But in 2009, Gill handed over the business to Patrick, and now Gill enjoys retirement away from the excitement of Raintree! Gill remains a friend of many Raintree owners, and many of its guests too. Alongside Gill, Rosemary and Glynis have enjoyed and suffered Raintree for nearly as long! As all Raintree regulars know, the business is really run by the team in the office!


Our team continues to grow. The Enquiries team and your first point of contact for all booking enquiries and payments are Kate, Debbie and Rosemary, led by Kate who together with Patrick also manages our social media platforms and website. The House Management team are Julie, Jade and Michael, led by Julie; they work together to resolve any issues at the houses to ensure your holiday runs smoothly. Jo is our Head Housekeeper and she leads our experienced team of Housekeepers, making sure our houses are cleaned to a very high standard. Glynis and Sue look after our linen and laundry and Billie and Mary are our finance team. Our office dogs are Jangles and Rylee and are always ready to greet visitors with a waggy tail.


The Housekeeping team is run day-to-day by 6 team leaders: Carisa, Sharon, Silvia, Aroa, Jaz and Lisa, with Sal, Shannon, Liz, Ollie, Katy, Stu, Mandy, Michael, Anna, Sharyl and Minnie also working as part of our housekeeping team.

On the maintenance side, Andy looks after the majority of our houses, while Phil and Peter also provides caretaking for a good number. They respond to issues, both small and large, as and when called upon. Hopefully you won’t need to call them while on holiday – but if you do, for a stubborn DVD player or a not so warm hot water system, then you can be sure all will be sorted as quickly as possible. Russell and Toby take care of our eclectic fleet of Raintree cars.

Since April 2009, Patrick has taken on Raintree and now runs the business. He is in North Cornwall 2-3 days a week, but is available at all times on email and by phone from his family home in Gloucestershire. Patrick, after many years in the City and being a Group Board Director at Messagelabs and Star Internet, from early start-up days to large technology multi-national, has decided that spending more time in Cornwall is really the answer. A Raintree guest for 15 years, and a Booby’s Bay regular, Patrick now has more reasons to spend much more time in North Cornwall.

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