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Raintree House Holidays specialise in letting houses at six picturesque beaches surrounding Padstow and Trevose Head. All are within walking distance of these special beaches & many have sea views. Alongside our beach houses, we also have a growing selection of Cotswold Cottages perfect for exploring this equally beautiful area.


All houses now have all months of 2021 available to browse and book. 

Click here for Summer 2021 weeks in Cornwall and the Cotswolds

For houses that normally Start/Changeover Tues/Wed/Thurs May half-term week will typically move to Friday 28th, or Sunday 30th, but not Sat 29th. Or for these Tues/Wed/Thurs houses, do ask for 8 or 9 or even longer stays.

Some houses aren’t available for 2021 sadly, as below:

Tresillian, Cape Cod, Torridon, Lamorna Cottage, St Petroc, Little Towan, Merrymor, Constantine Bay Cottage

We hope that Morning Tide (previously Flintstones) and Stymies will be available, but we won’t likely know dates until much later in 2020.

Click here for Easter 2021 availability


Click here for May half-term 2021 availability

Houses will largely follow their normal Changeover days – but we can be flexible if needed, and may be able to offer extra nights for longer stays.

Or maybe this is the year to spend Christmas or New Year away! Click here.

For Christmas and New Year, changeover days will of course change – with the split between the Christmas and New Year being the 27th or 29th December – changeovers on 28th Dec are unlikely to be possible for any further bookings.

Coronavirus Update – Wednesday 3rd December 2020

Our advice will continue to be updated regularly, and has now been updated following the end of the England November lockdown and our move back to the Tier system. Please read through and consider which aspects apply to you. We do not have full information yet – so the details below may change.

The current UK government advice can be found here –

First of all, our phones are still very busy, and our staff are busier than ever!! Most mornings, we will not be answering the phone, instead asking you to listen to the Voicemail message and ideally to email rather than leaving a message. Later in the day, we will try to answer phones – but where not possible, please listen to the Voicemail message and act accordingly. For deposit or balance payments by card, we will normally have to ring you back – whether you have left a voicemail or emailed. If you do want to check what you have to pay, please email and ask. We will try to prioritise replies to these simple emails.

Please could all our guests remember to treat our staff with respect and understanding, whether on the phone or by email. This is an incredibly difficult time and all our staff are dealing with hundreds of issues and customer concerns every day, with ever changing information and real concern about livelihoods. We know it’s also very difficult for all our guests and we want to be able to help.


Arrivals, coming in December 2020 and later

For all guests coming from the 2nd December, we will send an email explaining about your upcoming stay. We hope your stay can go ahead.

Christmas now benefits from the dispensation for 3 families, from 23rd to 27th Dec (i.e. midnight night of 22nd/23rd to midnight on 27th/28th). We are hoping that guests can use their full 7 nights where booked, perhaps with 1 hpusehold coming down a day or two earlier than the rest of the party, or, of course, leaving a day later.

We understand that, for larger houses and larger parties, New Year may be trickier. With most of the country in Tier 2 or 3, sharing between households is not allowed. With this in mind, for large groups in large houses, we are prepared to consider the booking as a Covid failue. This means that our Covid failure rules will apply:

For those who have already paid their balances, we can offer a 100% Credit forward to new booking, ideally at the same house. Or the guests can choose to receive a 90% Refund instead.
For those who have only paid their deposits, a retention of 10% of the rental price will be made – effectively half of your deposit if you paid 20%, or a quarter of your deposit if you paid 40%.
In all cases above, the booking fee (of £10 or £25) will be lost.

Our standard Covid Failure terms, as above, can be seen within our current Ts and Cs, at

In terms of your stay details, much is the same, some is a little different. It’s important that all is read and understood, as there are specific actions you need to take in relation to Covid. You can see the update here.

New bookings for 2020/2021

All new bookings now require a 40% deposit to be paid at booking time, along with the booking fee.

If a new booking were made impossible by Covid, the standard Covid Offer would apply, meaning a 10% retention would be applied, with the remainder being available for a new booking or to be Refunded where a new booking is not possible/desirable. If the balance had been paid when due at 1 month before your stay, then the guest could choose to move 100% of the rental paid forward to a future booking (as an alternative to losing 10% of the rental price).

Rule of 6

The latest regulations do present some difficulty for guests staying in larger houses, but mainly it seems that some reorganisation of party size and/or splitting the week is possible for most guests. We know it’s not ideal at all, but our houses remain open and ready and we would urge all to try to take their holiday as planned – even if they have to change their plans in quite a significant way. We’re sorry about this but feel we must all try to continue. Thank you very much to all those who continue to try to make this work!

Cancelling your holiday

Should you wish to cancel your holiday, we would ask that you check with your insurance provider that this would not prejudice any claim you may make. We will be able to help with any documentation you need to make a claim. If you have not taken out travel insurance, or you are unable to make a claim, then we will consider whether we can include you in our Covid Offer process – providing you are able to state clearly that you either don’t have, or are unable to claim on, any insurance and that your cancellation was Covid related.

For bookings where guests do not expect to be able to travel, cancellation is likely to be the best option – allowing another guest to book your week, and you to receive the maximum refund against what you have paid.

Guests who have cancelled can always reinstate a booking if they subsequently decide they wish and can travel and it has not been booked to another guest.

Cancellations should always be made by email to

Balance and Deposit/2nd Deposit Payments

Please try to pay by Bank Transfer if this works for you. We are very busy, and taking card payments over the phone is time consuming. Please try to email rather than ring, and you can ask for a call back to pay your balance if you do need to pay by card.

We have now moved back to the normal ‘month in advance’ Balance payments, and Balance reminders are being sent out.

If the worst happens, after you have paid your balance, and your week is not possible, then you will have the choice to have your balance amount (normally 60%) refunded and revert to a normal Covid deposit situation; or to take a 100% Credit for the whole full rental forward to a new booking. We hope this means there is no additional risk for guests in paying their balances.

All our bookings are governed by our standard Terms and Conditions –

General information for getting in touch

Phones are expected to be very busy and our reduced number of staff are now working from home throughout office hours, so please use email where possible. We can always try to ring you back where a chat would be helpful. We understand this is a very stressful time for guests.

We will continue to prioritise our email replies. Often this means that we will work from the bottom – meaning that replies can be expected to take 3-4 working days or sometimes longer. Even these timeframes may come under pressure. Please bear with us – frustrating as it is, nothing will spoil so please do expect a few days before each reply.

However we will be replying to all the emails – so please try to be patient.

Requests for call backs for Balance payments or confirmation about Balance amounts required will be prioritised.


We are very sorry about the current situation, but we feel that the welfare of our guests, owners and staff must always take priority in these unprecedented times. We hope that everyone stays well and safe and we look forward to welcoming you to Raintree and North Cornwall once the uncertainty passes.

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