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Booby’s Bay can be found at the North end of Constantine Bay – a beach that is covered at high tide and surrounded by rocks and pools.

It is a great favourite with surfers, but also with children and families.

It feels a little special, being difficult to get to, and to clamber down. Pick you route down the rocks carefully. The beach has only wet sand – but provides a huge and glistening area perfect for football and cricket. All the fringing rocks have their own pools to enjoy – for swimming, crabbing and relaxing.

We currently only have the one house directly above the beach – but Stable Cottage closest to Harlyn beach is also only a short walk away.

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At low tide, the beach is linked to Constantine Bay, and you can walk round on the smooth and golden sand. At the top of the beach, a very attractive flat headland area is great for walking or riding your bike. The path passes a gate and snakes on up Trevose Head, with wonderful views across the whole coastline.

Parking and access is tricky. Parking is not allowed on the way down to the four houses at Booby’s Bay, alongside the golf course. So it’s necessary to walk from Constantine – or in the summer months, you can use the car park just beyond Booby’s on the way up the road to the Trevose Head lighthouse and the RNLI station.

There is no better beach for exploring the rocks and pools. Or for collecting cowries if you know where to look. Or for surfing – and for ball games Booby’s is unsurpassed. Booby’s Bay Cottage is sat right behind the beach – one of the four very special houses here.

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price £1660 to £5440






11 (6 Bedrooms)




Well behaved dogs welcome

Walk to beach

2 minutes

  • 1 King
  • 1 Super-King ensuite (or Twin)
  • 1 Twin ensuite (or super king)
  • 2 Twin rooms
  • 1 Single room
  • Bath/Loo
  • 2 Shower/Loo ensuites
  • Shower
  • Downstairs Cloakroom

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