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Half-Term turned out nice again…

Well, another October half-term week is over.

I was a little worried with some heavy rain and storms forecast – and so it proved for Monday and Thursday. But in between, some amazing sunny and warm weather.

From the comments we have received, I think most have had a really good week. Even 1 house that seemed to be jinxed with broken washing machine, lack of hot water, and a tripping cooker, seems to have a really good fun week!! The weather! Proving again, when its warm and the sun comes through for a few days over the week, October half-term is a winner.

Couple of house fulls have been telling me how they have been in the sea every day. Warm water and sunshine. Friday at Constantine was like summer, as can be seen in the photos. Plenty of people heading up and down the beach road, many in wetsuits and clutching boogie boards. Others picnic’ing on the beach, or rock pooling at late morning low tide. It really has felt like an extension of summer, and well done to everyone for making the effort – thanks!

But if you missed it, or had such fun you want to come back, come for weekend in November? Or some Christmas shopping at the beginning of December when Padstow hosts its Christmas festival. Friday 2nd to 4th December is quite fun, with stalls and cooking demonstrations all over town. Book lunch at the Seafood and make a treat of it – you deserve it (don’t you?)!!!

Thanks to Jane and Sharon for making such a great pumpkin the other day. They are our latest full time, long term, staff. And we are very happy to have them. After coming down from Lincolnshire for the summer, they decided that things weren’t too bad down here at all, and are going to stay a while longer. We hope they’ll stay next year and beyond!! Their rather drafty caravan is being swapped for a cottage and wood burner on Monday, so we wish them all the best.

Have a good Halloween!

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