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Our Beach Barbie

A couple of weeks ago, we had our ‘start-of-the-season’ BBQ. This year we went to Trevone and had a great warm evening on the rocks.

I was responsible for food – but left things rather late, and had to rely on Eva and Chrissie to ensure everyone had something to eat.

So what did we eat?

Chicken, sword and monkfish sate with peanut sauce – yum.

Followed by home-made burgers. Perfect. Or that’s what everyone assured me.

A carefully rationed stock of wine and beer ensured the evening went well. With no time for any fun or entertainment over the next 10 weeks (no really!), it was good to get everyone together. Some foolishly even tried to surf!

We have now welcomed our team of enthusastic ladies to join us over the summer. Welcome to Chrissie, Eva, Tania, Rachel and Kat. They join Sam, Annmarie, Caroline and Mark.

And best of luck to Dean and Lisa – who unfortunately have had to leave us after a month, due to illness – we wish them both well and are sure all will turn out perfectly!

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