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‘Jollywinds’ is retired

September has been a sad time in one way. Jollywinds, the large art deco house by the beach at Treyarnon has been retired from our booking list.

Many of you will have stayed at Jollywinds over the years. My family have stayed there perhaps 5 or 6 times over the last 15 years. Jollywinds has been let and managed by Raintree for 25 years – in fact since Raintree started.

So what’s happenned?

Well, Jollywinds was sold at the end of 2009, but we continued to let it through to the end of August this year. The new owner is to make many improvements – new bedrooms and structural changes to make it an even more fabulous house in such an enviable location. The work will go on for quite a while now, assuming that planning permission goes through as expected.

Jollywinds will remain in style, but never quite the same. I’m sure the new owner will do a fantastic job and we wish him every luck. Perhaps one day we will all have the chance to stay there again…..

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